Thursday, October 16, 2014

First 2 images are silver plated pendants. 1st pictures is mini hand drawn pics, 2nd is original pics shrunk down. The 3rd is pics cut out of craft paper on silver colored pendants decorated with ribbon, chain or string.

2/5 images of my series on depression, 2nd image is only a pencil sketch.
Some fairly recent pics: mother earth
 tree people kiss

marker study.


Last blog I posted some eyeball pendants here's more...

purple eyeball with rainbow lashes
 and baby (as in smaller size pendant) bloodshot zombie eyeball

No Idea

I have no idea what I am doing, never had a blog before, don't even read them and too lazy to research so this is my new blog. I will be posting things like events and artwork and all that good stuff as soon as i figure out how all this works

I've been making pendants, I've made several of these eyeballs set in a silver plated bezel, hand drawn image, covered in ice resin topped with fake lashes for fun!
the slight green hue is not included it's just my lack of photo skills ;)
and brown....